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Jerry Raz, Piano Technician

"I have a Steinway ‘B’ Studio concert grand that I have owned for over 25 years, the last 15 years of which have been under the superb care of Jerry Raz of the Allegro Piano Service.  Over the years I have had several fine piano technicians and tuners, and a couple not so fine!  Jerry ranks right at the top of anyone who has ever attended my piano.
Each time he tunes my instrument, I can’t wait to sit down and play it, as the sound that his tuning enables is second only to the pureness of the most heavenly of sounds.  Most often after Jerry finishes and I sit down to play, I feel that the piano thanks me by playing me, instead of the other way around!
Simply put, Jerry is the only person I will allow to tune or work on my Steinway."     .....Lauren Y., Orinda

"I give the highest recommendation possible for Allegro Piano Tuning Service and I should know because I've been a customer for 25 years.  Jerry is skilled, professional, and pleasant, and always on time.  I trust him in my home, if I have to leave while he is tuning my piano.  His wife, Laurie is great about calling with appointment reminders.  I love the sound of a well-tuned piano and feel grateful to have found Jerry."   .....Kim S., El Cerrito

"Jerry of Allegro Piano is the best!  He has kept my piano 'singing' for many happy, music-filled years."   .....Linda D., Lafayette

"If you love your piano, Allegro Piano is a great investment in its future.  And, if its suffering from age or “mis” or “dis” use, a wonderful investment in its present as well.

Jerry Raz of Allegro Piano has been servicing my Yamaha upright for over 20 years. It sounds more (how can I say this?) “mature” today than when I first bought it. In short, it’s in excellent condition and sounds wonderful.
There came a time when I was not able to play for a long while and the Yamaha suffered from disuse. But when I was able to practice once more, Jerry carefully and adroitly brought it back to life.
Jerry is extremely piano savvy. He is very personable and easy to talk to, so discussing your piano’s ills or idiosyncrasies and what to do about them is comfortable and comforting.
I highly recommend Allegro Piano and Jerry’s service and expertise."  .....Rick G., Martinez

"Jerry has been tuning my Yamaha C-7 for many years now and has offered the highest level professional service.
I have complete confidence in his work, which has included voicing and softening the hammers, as well as installing a damp chaser. It's good to know my beloved instrument is in capable and caring hands."          .....Susan M., Berkeley

"Jerry has been tuning my piano for over 15 years.  Five years ago he rebuilt the action in my 90 year-old Steinway. The voicing now matches the sound I want and the action is perfect. A well maintained piano enhances your playing and I count on Allegro."            .....Robert E., Berkeley

"I have been a long time customer of Allegro Piano Service.  They have tuned both uprights and baby grand pianos for me, and completely rebuilt my 1920 player piano, putting it back into perfectly working condition and restoring the entire piano.  Jerry Raz is an amazing piano tuner/technician, and his work is flawless.  Plus, he likes animals, and so can handle my two dogs jumping on him when he arrives.  The best piano service in the Bay Area!"           ......Dmitri B., Berkeley

"I met Jerry while I was a violist with the Oakland Civic Orchestra. He tuned the piano for our concert. With all the racket of people talking, chairs being moved around, the banging and clanging, he sat there alone with his equipment and the task at hand and worked his way through those 88 notes. It was like it was just him and the piano. I was very impressed.

Since then he agreed to take me on as a client. From his knowledge of the piano; its history, the pros and cons of all the different brands, the care a piano needs, I knew my baby grand was in the best hands. That was about 10 years ago. He has maintained a professional attitude throughout the sessions he spent with my piano, from being on time for each appointment to teaching me, an amateur, the things I needed to know.

I recommend Jerry to anyone who wants to keep their piano in the best possible condition."      .....Rusty L., Alameda



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