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Jerry Raz, Piano Technician


"We've had Allegro Piano service tune our grand piano for several years now; it has been completely satisfactory. Their technician, Jerry Raz, is thorough and exacting; the resulting tuning has always been excellent, and the instrument holds its tune.  I have recommended them to several friends and musical associates, and will continue to."      ...Brian C., Berkeley

 We offer ​a wide variety of services that should meet all your piano maintenance needs.
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Piano Tuning:

Tuning is the process of adjusting the tension on each of the approximately 230 strings on the average piano until it is at the correct pitch (A-440) and the notes are in relative tune with one another.  The tension is adjusted with a tool called a tuning hammer, or tuning lever, which fits over each tuning pin and allows it to be turned in small increments, one direction or the other, increasing or releasing tension on the string until the pitch is correct.
Most piano manufacturers recommend that home pianos be tuned twice a year.

The cost of tuning for most pianos is $155.

For more information visit the Piano Technicians Guild


Pitch Raise: 

Modern pianos are designed to sound best when tuned to what is called A-440; that is, when the A above middle C is tuned to vibrate at 440 cycles per second. This pitch is the international standard and will allow the piano to be played in tune with other instruments. When a piano is not tuned for a long time, or when it is subjected to changes of humidity, it can deviate so much from A-440 that a special procedure needs to be followed to bring it back to the correct pitch. That procedure is called a pitch raise

The cost of a pitch raise is $80, in addition to the tuning.

For more detailed information about pitch raising visit the  Piano Technicians Guild