Allegro Piano Service


​Jerry Raz, Piano Technician

"Dear Jerry,

Thank you for loving your work!   In reflection, over the last number of years, you have taken care my childhood-family piano with such expertise and pleasure, allowing me to learn to appreciate the nuances and excitement of a piano adjusted to its highest possibilities.  In addition to the multiple tuning and miscellaneous repairs, you performed the regulation and voicing, surprising me on the quality and capability of my instrument.  Lucky me for having you as our piano-care-taker, you who knows what he's doing, loves his work, and enjoys his client's satisfaction.  Thank you.




 Voicing is the process whereby the tone of a piano is changed through reconditioning the hammers. After years of playing, the hammer felt becomes compacted and deep grooves can form in the hammers.  This affects the tone the piano produces…usually making it become brighter and harsher. Voicing can bring back a more mellow tone.  Conversely, some pianos have too mellow a tone and the hammers need brightening.

For more detailed information about voicing visit  The Piano Technicians Guild


Piano Regulation:

Piano regulation includes the many steps required to make all the notes on a piano function as they did when the piano was new. The time period between regulations will vary depending on how much and how hard the piano is played. On average, a piano will need to be regulated every few years. When notes begin to malfunction, you will know your piano is overdue for regulation!

For more detailed information about regulation visit The Piano Technicians Guild