Allegro Piano Service

​Jerry Raz, Piano Technician

"Jerry has been my excellent piano tuner for more years than I am willing to admit. He has not only tuned and voiced my Yamaha C5, he has done a warranty keyboard replacement, added a humidity control system and replaced the hammers, all with the same high quality workmanship. I would recommend his service to anyone."

              .....Brian R., pianist, composer and computer geek, Berkeley

"We have had an excellent experience with Allegro Piano Service.  Jerry Raz is very knowledgeable and a great technician.  He has tuned and adjusted our Petrof grand piano with wonderful precision.  His service is reliable, friendly, trustworthy and dependable.  I highly recommend Allegro Piano Service!"          ......Susan G., El Sobrante



"Jerry Raz has  been tuning our 1891 Steinway annually since the late 1990s.  He is punctual, thorough, and reasonably priced.  His is also personable and very knowledgeable. He has made several repairs to this vintage piano over the years to keep the action functioning as it should.  Under his care, our piano has always sounded great.  I recommend him highly."               .....Jim L., Berkeley

"Allegro Piano Service is an excellent piano tuning service, and it has been for the last thirteen years that Allegro has tuned our piano.  Jerry is a very skilled and experienced piano tuner, who is also very funny and amazing to talk with.  I recommend Allegro to anyone who desires a trusted, experienced, and outstanding piano tuning service."     .....Peter C. & Annie K., San Pablo


Piano appraisals are needed for various reasons. We recommend that you hire a piano technician to appraise any used piano you are considering for purchase, especially if it’s an older piano. A technician can let you know what kind of maintenance or repairs the piano will need, as well as the market value. If you are purchasing a piano, we also recommend that you read The Piano Book by Larry Fine. It’s an excellent layman’s guide to buying a piano, new or used. We sell the book, or you can order it here

If you are selling a piano you might want to have it appraised so you know how much to ask for it.  (We recommend that you have a piano tuned before you offer it for sale. It will be easier to sell and should command a better price.) We also do written appraisals, which you would need for either insurance or estate purposes, or if you plan to donate the piano to a charitable organization.